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Hard-wearing, high comfort and with an individual design: these are the signature features of our workwear. We choose the one which best meets your needs from a variety of brands and suppliers. We handle the finishing process via stitching or printing and ensure constant availability of the design for repeat orders. We offer our customers very attractive prices due to high acceptance numbers.

Trade Fairs and Field Sales Force

Expo ready clothing

Equip your field sales team and trade fair employees with high-quality clothing that represents your business to ensure a consistent and professional appearance.

In this area, we only work with renowned brands that meet the highest standards and ensure a high satisfaction rate from customers. From ties to socks, together with you, we can create a high-quality and representative clothing range.

Practical, Functional and Visually Appealing

Company clothing

We coordinate clothing and functional accessories in an optimal way for a consistent overall appearance for your business as well as a high standard of comfort for your employees. We are happy to come up with creative solutions that attract attention!

No Space or Time? Then Let Us Take Care of It!

Storage solutions

Do you have problems with warehouse space? Does the administration and delivery of your workwear take up too many resources? Find out about our full service offer here – we are happy to take over the handling and storage of your workwear and promotional clothing for you.