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Our corporate philosophy

A secure and stable future for our company, as well as our employees, is very important to us. We achieve this through strategic management and sustainable growth.

We put people first - our employees, our customers and our suppliers.

When dealing with employees, customers and suppliers it's always humane and fair.

At ISTAC, problems are solved fairly and cooperatively.
We secure our future through innovative, first-class service and above and beyond commitment to what we do.

Istac Promotion GmbH & Istac Service GmbH

Employees and management always interact fair and cooperatively. A zest for life is just as important as focusing on goals and success.

A creative and holistic approach ensures that the company develops in every area and has a solid foundation. Suppliers and banks confirm our solid financial standing.


The pillars of everything we do are our employees and our satisfied customers, who can rely on our company. Initiative, responsibility and entrepreneurial spirit shape our corporate culture, we practice a positive team environment and teamwork daily.

Our communication is open on all sides, friendly and most importantly - honest. A global network of key relationships makes our activities easier. Flat organizational structures are what makes us strong and flexible, customer satisfaction is the benchmark for our internal and external quality assessment.


Right from the start, we made it our goal to be more personal and customer-focused than our competitors. We are more than just a promotional items supplier, more than an advertising material consultant and more than a supplier of marketing products with associated logistics.

It is important to us to be among the best in the industry. We maintain personal contact with our customers because we want to always be available when our customers needs us and for them to feel like they can contact us with any question - big or small. Contact and trust are the basis of our work.