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Your advertising material will leave a lasting impression thanks to exclusive finishes from Istac. Whether printed, embroidered, flocked, engraved, or laminated - you can benefit from our fast and flexible service through collaboration with competent and quality-oriented partners.

Pad Printing

Pad printing is the fastest and most accurate printing method for multi-coloured logos on almost any surface type. The print is applied to products made of plastic or other hard materials by transferring the ink using a silicone pad.

Screen Printing

Silk screen printing uses a stencil technique where ink is forced through a mesh, originally using fine silk but now nylon is more widely used commercially. It’s an all-embracing process used on general materials, metal, plastic pens, and PU (simulated leather).

Cylindrical Screen Printing

Cylindrical screen printing enables you to implement multi-colour printing while using the maximum print area.

Dome Stickers

Doming is a printing technique in which a transparent coating is applied to different materials, usually stickers or labels. A resin coating (epoxy resin) creates a 3D lens effect and makes the colour of the logo look deep and vibrant.

Laser Engraving

With laser engraving, text, logos or drawings are engraved on the surface of an object using a laser beam. In most cases, the engraving technique is applied to metal, but an excellent result can also be achieved with wood and plastic.