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Our Business Philosophy

A secure and stable future for the company—and also for our employees—is of great importance to us. We achieve this through sustainable business practices with a focus on growth.

First and foremost are the people - our employees, customers and suppliers.

We always strive to be humane and fair with our employees, customers and suppliers.

Problems are always solved in a cooperative and accommodating way.

We maintain our leading edge as well as our future through innovative, first-class services and outstanding commitment.

Istac Promotion GmbH

The collegial company atmosphere has a sense of solidarity about it with a family touch. In our day-to-day life, attentiveness, class and joie de vivre are just as important as is our orientation towards targets and success.

Creative and holistic management ensures that the company develops at all levels and stands strong. Financially, the company is based on a solid foundation – which suppliers and banks can confirm through our solid credit rating.


We set a goal right from the start, to be more effective and more personal for our clientèle than our competitors. We are more than just a dealer, consultant or supplier of promotional items.

It is not our intention to be among the biggest within the industry, but rather to be the right and the long-term creative partner. We maintain personal contact with our customers because we want to be available as a problem solver when the customer needs the help. Contact and trust are the basis of our work.


The foundation of the actions we take are based on our employees and the satisfaction of our customers so they can rely on our company. Initiative, responsibility and entrepreneurial courage characterise our corporate culture, structured teamwork is put into practice on a daily basis.

Our communication is open, friendly and above all, honest. A global network of relationships facilitates our activities. Flat organisational structures make us strong yet flexible, while customer satisfaction is the benchmark for our internal and external quality assessment.